Polyurethane Injection

Why Polyurethane Injection For Concrete Repair?

Polyurethane injection is an improved alternative to mudjacking or replacing your concrete slab. It is roughly half the cost of having your concrete slab replaced and requires no heavy equipment. Environmentally friendly, polyurethane injection requires nearly invisible ⅝” holes for injection, requiring significantly fewer holes and downtime than mudjacking. Polyurethane was specifically designed for concrete and lasts longer than any other concrete leveling solution.

How Does it Work?

KongCrete begins the concrete raising process by drilling ⅝” holes. We then inject polyurethane into the ⅝” holes, completely filling the void and filling up the slab to lift it to the right level. We finish by ensuring the holes are filled in with the right texture to match the style of concrete. When KongCrete is finished with your concrete lifting, it will look good as new.

Why Choose Polyurethane Concrete Raising?

  • Polyurethane injection is as easy as drill, pump, and patch!
  • A cost-effective concrete leveling solution, polyurethane injection is a smarter, safer, and environmentally friendlier option.
  • KongCrete’s technicians complete the project in just a few hours, and you will be able to walk on the affected area almost immediately after.
  • If you are looking for an ideal solution to your uneven concrete, look no further than KongCrete Solution’s polyurethane injections.
  • Don’t replace it, raise it!

Free Estimate

KongCrete Solutions offers a free estimate on any job. We not only determine how much time and money your concrete lifting with polyurethane injection will cost, but we also investigate and discover the root cause of the problem. Contact us today to get started on your farm or commercial concrete leveling.

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